The Junior College has a Library as well as a Reading Room. The reading room is available to students from 10.00 am. to 4.00 pm. The library has standard textbooks and reference books. Students can borrow books from the library on the payment of a deposit.  
The KKW Jr. College has well equipped laboratories where all practical’s from the syllabus of Std XI and XII can be conducted. The Biology Museum is in the process of being planned.  
Sports & Physical Activities  
As the Junior College does not have a large playground of its own, we nevertheless ensure that well equipped grounds are available for use nearby. In fact, every effort is made to encourage sports and outdoor activities that include both Indian and international games.  
Enrichment Circles & Clubs  
All enrichment activities that bolster the academic programme take place through various Circles and Clubs such as the Debating Club, Drama Club, Music & Vocals Circle and others.  
A Support Service for Girl Students  
A support service for Junior College girl students is available

Parents Teachers Association  
The Junior College invites parents of newly admitted students to be part of the Parent Teacher Association.